360 SMS App


360 SMS App is a one-stop text messaging solution for Salesforce powered organizations. The app empowers the users in an organization to:

  • communicate effectively with customers, business partners and fellow colleagues
  • send automated text messages from Salesforce to support every department including sales, service, and billing.

What sets SMS 360 apart from other business texting apps is its proven ability to plug and play within a few minutes, and deliver immediate results for the entire business cycle. Scroll down to view all of the 360 SMS App features.


CloudPrism has partnered with 360 SMS App, the top-rated automated text messaging app for Salesforce powered companies.

Not only are we licensed resellers, we helped to develop the app, using our deep expertise with Salesforce. Once you watch the demo, you'll want to get moving with business texting for your business right away!


Single & Bulk SMS

Send single or bulk SMS in batch of 200 on button or up to 50K from campaign in one go


Send single or bulk SMS in batch of 200 on button or up to 50K from campaign in one go

SMS/MMS Automation

Easily automate sending of SMS and MMS

SMS Template

Easy to create and customizable with any object and associated fields

Incoming Notification Audio alert

Get audio ping instantly when you receive a message

Call Auto forwarding

Auto direct any response call to a number of your choice or voice machine

message scheduling

Schedule messages(s) to be sent out at a given date and time

Unlimited Users

Assign multiple numbers to one user or vice versa

Text Event Reminder

Easily automate sending of SMS and MMS

SMS Auto forward to Email

Set up alert for incoming messages to be sent to an email address

SMS History

Both record specific as well as organization wide view of SMS communication from app

Object support

Compatible with all objects, both standard and custom ones

Salesforce Mobile App

Send SMS template from Salesforce1 on mobiles using our app

Conversation View

See all the conversations in an attractive conversation panel


Send text from local area code to the End user based on geography

Messages from Campaign

Send up to 40K text messages at once from Campaign


Send text messages from Salesforce communities

Dedicated support

Support with turnaround of less than 24 hours

Global coverage,long code-short code, toll-free numbers

Send Messages globally using long codes or toll-free numbers. Host large SMS campaigns via short codes

Lightning Ready

Compatible with salesforce Lightning Experience

Free Consultation

Customers Testimonials

The team at CloudPrism are our Bay Area Salesforce experts.  We had a large project that needed technical guidance, and they came in, ramped up, and drove the design through completion.  Their team is very good, and helped economize the project, and their role in it.

Marc Sacoolas
Director IT Strategy at Pulse Secure