Employing the right combination of SaaS technologies that will meet your growing company’s needs, and then making them work together in harmony is – by far – the most important driver to your company’s growth.

Most companies center their growth around their CRM. There’s a good reason  Salesforce is experiencing 20% plus annual revenue growth! But the answer for companies who are selling long-term relationships – along with their products and services – is so much more than sales.

The answer is automation across every department that touches the customer.

  • Automated movement through the marketing and sales funnels from inbound lead to “closed won"
  • Automated price quoting
  • Automated service and help
  • Automated billing and revenue management

However, there are thousands of tools and platforms that help your various teams perform more efficiently. And there comes a point in every company’s evolution,  especially in today’s world of e-commerce and subscribers-as-customers, when individual solutions, no matter how proficient they are, can’t support aggressive growth.

CloudPrism can guide you through this entire process – and get the right SaaS technologies implemented and working together for you. We are experts who work with the world’s most sophisticated technology platforms, including all things Salesforce and many others.

Our consulting services include:

Business Process Review – we’ll look at your business processes both holistically and separately by department, document them, and make recommendations for improvements

Implementation – we’ll set up your new technology with attention to every detail. Out-of-the-box does not mean ready to use!

Custom Development & Integration – at the very heart of our expertise is designing and building your customized SaaS systems to meet your unique business needs, and integrating them to work together seamlessly.

Data Migration – moving your data from legacy systems and mapping it across multiple systems is perhaps the trickiest – and most important – piece of the SaaS integration puzzle.

Lightning Migration – if you haven’t refreshed your in the last 3 years, now is the time to upgrade to Lightning.

Support & Maintenance – unlike most IT consultants, we offer flexible, customizable  support and maintenance contracts that won’t lock you in – or break your bank.

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Customers Testimonials

The team at CloudPrism are our Bay Area Salesforce experts.  We had a large project that needed technical guidance, and they came in, ramped up, and drove the design through completion.  Their team is very good, and helped economize the project, and their role in it.

Marc Sacoolas
Director IT Strategy at Pulse Secure