Business Process Review


If you're a long-time Salesforce customer, and you haven't re-examined your configuration in the last three years, you are probably not getting the business results you should be. Or perhaps you self-implemented, but have grown significantly. In that case, you are surely missing out on easy-to-implement automations that would make your sales team much more efficient.

Have you adopted a lot of specific technologies and tools to help your various departments work more efficiently? An end-to-end business process review will uncover opportunities for improving how your departments – and the technologies they use – can work together.

And then there's your data. The top complaints for companies large and small typically surround their data: it's a mess, or they're not making the most of it, or they have redundancies, or it's in silos. A thorough review of your current data structure – across all of your systems – will help you identify gaps that need to be addressed and opportunities for streamlining.

A business process review can also identify opportunities to:

  • Optimize SaaS systems configurations for maximum usability and scalable growth
  • Build integrations between systems to maintain data integrity and improve communications between departments
  • Create automated process that will replace manual processes, maximizing team efficiency and dramatically reducing errors
  • Accelerate sales cycles
  • Boost channel sales
  • Add dimension to your customer service
  • Speed up revenue collection with automated billing
  • …and so much more.

Before you make another technology purchase, do yourself and your company a huge favor and make a modest investment into a business process review. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

  • Organizational Business Process Flow
  • Departmental Business Process Flow
  • Procedures Documentation
  • Process Improvement Recommendation

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The team at CloudPrism are our Bay Area Salesforce experts.  We had a large project that needed technical guidance, and they came in, ramped up, and drove the design through completion.  Their team is very good, and helped economize the project, and their role in it.

Marc Sacoolas
Director IT Strategy at Pulse Secure