Custom Development & Integration


Software-as-a-Service has revolutionized the way companies consider, purchase and implement new technologies. All but gone are the days of waiting for years for the “new system" to roll out. Now, there are thousands of SaaS tools available for every department and role, that can be rapidly deployed.

The challenge for most companies is choosing the right set of technologies that will work together, and customizing them so users will embrace them, leverage their full capabilities – and drive company growth.  For many, the CRM, or any system that manages customer data, is at the core of their IT operations, which explains the explosive, and ongoing revenue growth of Salesforce and other CRM-centered platforms.

With a fine-tuned (or other CRM), custom designed and built for usability and functionality, the “Opportunity" for growth is enhanced. And when integrated with your other critical customer-serving systems – marketing, service and support, finance – the “Opportunity" to scale is unlimited.

At the very heart of CloudPrism's expertise is designing and building your customized SaaS systems to meet your unique business needs, and integrating them to work together seamlessly.

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Prototype
  • Design Building for Demo
  • Functionality & Usability
  • Provided Solution Testing
  • Feedback Collection
  • Optimization
  • Alterations & Refinement
  • Production Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

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Customers Testimonials

The team at CloudPrism are our Bay Area Salesforce experts.  We had a large project that needed technical guidance, and they came in, ramped up, and drove the design through completion.  Their team is very good, and helped economize the project, and their role in it.

Marc Sacoolas
Director IT Strategy at Pulse Secure